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I’m a little surprised to have my first blog on the new New Stories website be about someone else’s work. It took me about 2 seconds to get over that.  And to remember that this site is here to give access to a wide variety of insights about how we’re creating new stories.  And that means I get to blog about the outstanding work of others!

This story begins with a gathering last spring of some people I know, and people I don’t, who got together to create a book in less than a week.  They used a process called Book Sprints, which is pretty awesome itself. The book they produced is LabCraft. The book was released last week and a LinkedIn community has grown around it in short order; one of the members of that community, , just shared a Fast Company article she’s written on 6 Ways To Make Your Work More Effective, From Entrepreneurs Who Want To Change The World. Definitely worth your time.

The article offers six key principles:

  1. Understand the system you are trying to change, but not too much
  2. Experiment, prototype, test, and be prepared to be wrong
  3. Stop and learn
  4. Don’t go it alone, get smart about collaboration
  5. Create liminal spaces that allow you to move in and out of the system you are trying to change
  6. Build your resilience

These six are deeply resonate with ones I use in my work.  We’ll have those up on this New Stories site soon. Right now you can find them scattered in my many blogs from Japan. What Rachel calls creating liminal space is similar to what I talk about in terms of always inviting in more diversity. I like the invitation to “prepare to be wrong.”

What strikes me most about this article is that this “new wisdom” is becoming more and more commonplace.  Those of us who have been working on change keep coming up with these same principles.  Not surprising, just reassuring!

Enjoy!  And more to come!

Bob Stilger

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