A Remarkable Day of Peace

What a breathtaking day yesterday.

We ended up with over 1150 events registered on our map. Over 40,000 people joined the Facebook event. The Global Care Room was lit up with gold points of light all over the planet. And almost 3,000 participated on our global audio broadcast. 

The energy was indescribable.  A potent global uplift! Deep bow to all of you who did your part yesterday by being the peace you want see in our world.

Many photos are pouring in from events all over the world. We invite you to check out our BeThePeace Facebook page over the coming days to be inspired by images of our global family!

What now? How do we build on the energy we raised yesterday?

As one way, we encourage you to participate in the brilliant Middle East Transmissions series, being offered by our allies, Children of the Sun Foundation. This program involves 4 potent collective transmissions, intended to administer a ‘walloping love vaccine’ to help eradicate the virus of hate that is infecting the region.

The first transmission occurs Tuesday, September 23, at 8pm in your local timezone.

Find out more information through this 4 minute video:


Click here to learn more or to register.

Speaking from personal experience, I believe that the Children of the Sun Foundation is producing among the most potent subtle activism work available on the planet. I highly encourage you to experience the benefit of their inspirational programs.

Blessings of Peace,

David, for the Gaiafield Council


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