Internal Team

Important folks behind the scenes at NewStories help us do our work in the world.  Right now NewStories has no staff.  We turn to partners and contractors to help us, including these fine folks.

Elias is an organizational consultant, event producer, and facilitator who is passionate about systemic transformation. He works with a variety of communities and practices that are grounded in creative resilience, intercultural collaboration, and ecological wisdom. Having spent much of the past decade living and learning in Ecovillages around the world, he is always seeking ways to apply lessons learned on the fringes to more mainstream and urban contexts. He has also followed interests and done work in the realms of Men’s Work, Rites of Passage, Mindfulness and Humanistic Psychology. Originally from upstate New York, he has lived in many places picking up stories and perspectives. In addition to his work with NewStories, Elias is the Director of Community Learning and Partnerships with YES! ( During free time Elias can be found getting lost in the woods, jamming out on the piano, or reading a book in his hammock.
Jenn is a systems change facilitator, sense-maker and strategist. Her passion is for cultivating bold, creative, and participatory leadership to build capacity and create the conditions for happier, healthier, and more environmentally sustainable and resilient communities and workplaces. She has two decades of experience supporting and leading initiatives at the intersections of sustainability, community development, organizational development, and systems change. Jenn finds her inspiration in nature on the traditional lands and waters of the K’omoks Nation on Vancouver Island with her husband, two children, and many four-legged friends.
Michele has known Lynnaea Lumbard since the late 1980's when she was a client of the national workshop company Lynnaea had co-founded. Over the course of that work she became interested in the fields of consciousness, energy work and interfaith spirituality, and has been supporting Lynnaea's work in various ways since that time. She is an experienced Voice Dialogue  facilitator and has led a community solstice ritual for almost 20 years. With a deep love of nature, Michele, along with her husband Steve, has led small groups on desert camping trips and loves to introduce people to both the vastness and intimacy of that landscape. She never stops being awed by the diversity of all things - plants, animals, rocks, but particularly the similarities and differences between people and cultures of the world. She has traveled to many countries including India, China, Morocco, Guatemala and much of western Europe. Michele brings her sense of beauty and order to the NewStories growing family of websites. She provides technical support, design skills, as well as copy-editing to all the sites and has taken on a growing role as a contributor to the Great Transition Stories site.
Sommer Joy & Jon Ramer are Co Founders Of Synergized Impact Network Exchange and Compassion Games: Survival Of The Kindest. Sommer and Jon support NewStories in enhancing synergy strategy, building reach and meaningful community engagement through social media platforms and keep NewStories in relationship with the latest collective empowerment systems. Jon started the compassionate city movement in 2010 that now has over 400 cities worldwide actively participating. In 2012, what branched out of the compassionate city movement became the Compassion Games the antidote to the Hunger Games which started with two cities challenging each other to now cities, teams, and individuals around the world playing together. The Compassion Games has now served over 20 million people in over 50 countries and continues to be played three times a year amplifying service and compassion in action. Since 2011 Sommer has been on a self mastery quest and became a Black Belt Nia Teacher in 2018 and Founder of Garden Of Joy that helps individuals and organizations remove obstacles and live life guided by joy from the inside out. In 2018 Sommer & Jon started SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange) to empower individuals and organizations to synergize and collaborate to new heights. SINE is lead by the four A’s; Audacity, Agency, Abundance and Alchemy. Sommer and Jon just got married in 2018 with a commitment to higher love together and co creating Peace On Earth by 2030 with everything they do and share.