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The heartbeat of racism itself has always been denial. The sound of that heartbeat is “I am not racist.” There is no such thing as “not racist.” As author and historian Ibram X. Kendi explains in one of the TED Talks included here There is no such thing as “not racist.” We are either racist or anti-racist. In each moment, one or the other. We either support policies that lead to injustice and inequity, or we are supporting policies that are leading to justice and equality.

NewStories is learning and unlearning our own way here. While we are blessed with powerful People of Color on our Board and Core Team, NewStories was founded by and has been led by white people. Whiteness, and blindness to blindness of systemic racism is in our DNA. Time to shift that. We know we are embarking on a profoundly messy, humbling, imploding, intense learning journey… layer, by layer, by layer, seeing how whiteness lives through us. Many behaviors, perspectives, unconscious scripts that run our minds, and that live in our very cells must die.

As we have started to add anti-racist materials to our Essential Knowledge collection, we have been struck by how much is out there. In many cases we are offering collections of resources created by others and sharing them in their context. We invite you to unlearn and learn with us. Don’t gorge yourself on information and knowledge here. Listen and read enough to find your next steps.

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NAACP’s In The Eye of The Storm

This 2018 publication from the NAACP describes how environmental justice and climate justice are civil and human rights issues. They started the Environmental and Climate Justice Program in 2009, after decades of civil rights advocacy, ...

Introducing Nice White Parents

We know American public schools do not guarantee each child an equal education. Two decades of school reform initiatives have not changed that. But when Chana Joffe-Walt, a reporter, looked at inequality in education, she saw that most r...

Resources for White Boomers

So you're white. Maybe you were out there on the streets in the 60s and the 70s and helped to start some of the progressive work of the last 50 years. You think of yourself as a progressive and now you are feeling hammered. Perhaps you...

Kimberly Jones: How We Can Win

Kimberly Jones, co-author of I’m Not Dying With You Tonight offers powerful commentary in this video. She says there are protestors, rioters, and looters out in the demonstrations of June, 2020 and the tendency is to focus on the what, ...

There There

Tommy Orange’s wondrous and shattering novel follows twelve characters from Native communities: all traveling to the Big Oakland Powwow, all connected to one another in ways they may not yet realize. Among them is Jacquie Red Feather,...


This book is just one of the powerful ones written by Ta-Nehishi Coates. It is available on his website as well as on Amazon In a profound work that pivots from the biggest questions about American history and ideals to the most intimate...

My Grandmother’s Hands

My Grandmother's HandsResmaa Menakem points out that one of two things will happen now. Ideally, America will grow up and out of white-body supremacy; Americans will begin healing their long-held trauma around race; and whiteness will...

Why are white people waking up now?

Courtney Martin, in this recent blog gets right to the point. We’re waking up because our attention is finally available, because COVID has taught us about interdependence and because Trump’s blatant immorality and ineptitude has force...

How To Build an Anti-Racist World

The heartbeat of racism itself has always been denial. The sound of that heartbeat is "I am not racist." There is no such thing as "not racist." We are either racist or anti-racist. In each moment, one or the other. We either support...