Daughter’s Post Election Letter to Mom

My 29 year old daughter Anne Lucy Stilger Virnig wrote this amazing text to her mother, Susan Virnig, after this week’s election:

Thank you, for all you did in the sixties and seventies and eighties. I keeping having all these conversations with friends about how we grew up in this world where we never ever questioned what was possible for us as girls or women. And that this was because of the battles our mothers and grandmothers fought against explicit sexism.

Hillary is not perfect. I disagree with some of her stances, but this, what we have seen over this campaign and yesterday and today, despite what so many say, show just how alive and real sexism is.
The way she spoke today about painful setbacks — this is politics, but with her it has been so deeply personal. She has been smacked time and again for fighting, for being a woman in a man’s world. She has fought the fight your generation fought and taken the hit for us, over and over. And she is hated for it.

She took a bullet for us, she fell on a sword. She was ripped to shreds in a way that no one deserves or should expect, even in the political realm. And make no doubt, the extent to which she was shredded, this was because she was the first woman to walk that path. She took that bullet for us, and for everyone else who tries to walk down that path. I know there are more complexities here, but this is also true. She did everything we ask of the men in our democratic establishment, and yet we spat her out.

So we owe her, and you, a great debt for all these paths you have walked first.

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