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Over the years working with groups around the world in many ways, NewStories comes across some amazing resources which we believe will increase your capacity to meet the challenges and opportunities you encounter in our changing world. These include great articles, handouts for various methodologies, informative videos, websites that are related to our work. This Essential Knowledge is categorized both by topic and types to make it easy for you to find what you need quickly. AND, it is a growing collection. Explore what we have available and select resources that can help you find meaning and make sense of these times.
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Pedagogy of Bioregional Regeneration

This remarkable conceptual framework comes to us from Joe Brewer. Much of our work at NewStories is around how to step beyond the extraordinary pressure after major disasters to get back to the old normal as quickly as possible.  We bel...


When disaster strikes, communities come together. Government, businesses, nonprofits, community groups and citizens set aside suspicions and grievances and just do what needs to be done. The overwhelming purpose of saving lives, caring f...

Borrow The Sugar

What does it take to come back into relationship with each other and our beautiful planet?  Why is it important? What shifts when we do? Daniel Aldrich in Building Resilience: Social Capital in Post-Disaster Recovery suggests that it is...

Preparing for the Possible PDF

In the past many of us thought of community building — creating the lives and communities we know are possible — was different that work for disaster preparedness and recovery.  It’s time to step beyond that distinction.  When we...

Deep Adaptation

Can we look our current situation squarely in the eye? How do we live with the possibility that collapse is imminent, catastrophe likely and extinction possible? How do we find a way forward, accompanied by these hard truths?...

Cynefin Framework from AfterNow

This chapter excerpt from AfterNow: When We Cannot See the Future, Where Do We Begin? gives a solid and colorful introduction to how we must work differently in situations that are obvious, complicated, complex and chaotic. Download PDF...


At NewStories we have decades of experience in helping communities and organizations and businesses have conversations that matter -- conversations which explore possibilities, strategize new action, deepen learning and ......

Aquaponics in Cherokee Nation

Vian, OK – It all started with an innate passion for helping others, and Oklahoma resident Richard Tyler has it.  Tyler’s passion and hard work has led to a 10,000sf aquaponic facility he constructed in 2015 to address the need for...

Play At The Core

Play At The Core is a Youth Development Consulting Group that serves children facing adversity and their communities by supporting program quality improvement in organizations that directly engage youth. PATC uses a play-based, experient...

AfterNow: Introduction

In the summer of 2017 NewStories will publish Bob Stilger's Book AfterNow: When We Cannot See the Future, Where Do We Begin. The book is his story of how he entered in to the intense field of collapse. It is the stories of how...

Two Loops

This simple model really isn’t a theory of change, as some people sometimes refer to it.  It’s a map for thinking about what is important to each of us now and where our work lands in a larger system.  It was co-discovered and co-c...

Thomas Berry: The New Story

This powerful essay from 1978 by Thomas Berry was part of the inspiration for founding NewStories in 2000.  It begins with these words: It’s all a question of story.  We are in trouble now because we do not have a good story.  We ar...

TEDxTokyo, 2010 Bob and Annie

Bob Stilger and his daughter Annie Stilger Virnig were asked to do the first ever father-daughter presentation at the second TEDxTokyo in 2010.  They talked about what they each had learned through their work with communities in the glo...

Disaster as A Springboard

  Bob Stilger describes his learning and experience from the first three years of work after the triple disasters in Japan on March 11, 2011.  Beyond the tragedy of disaster, there is a huge opening in which the new can be given...

Learning Resilience

Bob Stilger had a chance to talk about learning resilience at the 2014 TEDxTokyo Teachers event.  It was a delightful evening when he had a chance to practice some of what he described!...

The Way It Is

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change. People wonder about what you are pursuing. You have to explain about the thread. But it is hard for others to see. While you hold it you can’t ge...

Cynefin Framework

The ways in which we effectively find our way forward, responding to a particular problem or opportunity, need to be situational. Our work is in one of four domains: simple, complicated, complex, chaos or disorder...

While Waiting For Homo Systemicus

Many of the problems we human beings encounter might be remedied if we overcame our blindness to the systems in which we live and developed what Barry Oshry calls systems sight. This thoughtful manuscript points towards a different...

Power and Love

Barry Oshry has spent decades analyzing the ways in which power works (and doesn't work). This remarkable essay follows on a conversation Barry had with Adam Kahane before Adam wrote his book Power and Love. The essay offers critical...

The Soul of Place

Michael is an extraordinary artist with deep sensitivity to nature, leadership and community. This book is a wonderful exploration of the powers of place and how they can inform our lives....

Warriors Without Weapons 2011

GSA is a 32-day immersion, which is based on the daily life of 60 young people from all over the world, who learn and apply different social technologies together in order to realize collective dreams of 3 different communities....

Vikalp Sangam

This website hopes to feature alternatives in the full range of human endeavour as they take place in India, and through this to help build bridges amongst them, learn from each other, and together present a challenge to the mainstream...

The Healing Century

Despite the widespread frustrations of our time, I believe we must live with hope. We are capable of making a profound positive shift in our thinking. The heart of this shift would be for us to conceptualize the 21st century as the...



The Roots of Aliveness

It has often been said that our span of awareness is a mile wide and an inch deep. The quality of our inner life is frequently overlooked in our efforts to cope with the daily demands and expectations of our outer life....


PLANETARY is a feature length documentary that expands on the mind-blowing perspective shared by astronauts and indigenous elders alike...

Alive In Community

This article, co-authored with Aerin Dunford, describes how Berkana has designed and hosted large, multicultural gatherings in different parts of the world for people who are building healthy and resilient communities....

Can I Be Fearless?

Margaret Wheatley asks a difficult question of us in this energizing article. She takes her readers along a path lined with different answers and solutions to dealing with our fears....