Essential Knowledge


12 things we learned during our travel year about home schooling, full time family life and well-being together.

By Nina Nisar

  1. Create fixed time a day for home training, we are doing 3 x 25 minutes, 09:30-11:00
  2. One parent is home schooling, the other is free!
  3. After that: play time, live life!
  4. Get a lot of outdoor time if you can!
  5. Use this exceptional situation to do individual important and fun things: with us spelling with 10 sets of dictation every day, finally continue to do wood work together, “research lesson” on topics that are really interesting to the children.
  6. Involve children in cooking and housework.
  7. 5 minutes of cleaning 2 x a day all together (amazing what you can do and how much this contributes to overall well being!)
  8. Everyone in the family has 1-2 hours alone, every day.
  9. Creating a designated work area for parents and making clear agreements with the children on how we all deal with this place and working hours.
  10. Agreements on “trigger things”: for us it is how do we deal with tech use together?
  11. In the morning everyone talks through the day together and we create orientation. Who cooks when with whom, what appointments are there, who is home schooling, who works when, what else?
  12. Build routines: we have a morning and evening routine that everyone knows.

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