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First People from around the world meeting at Girdwood Alaska to discuss alternatives for those Indigenous people who live along the coast of oceans and seas displaced by climate changes.

One Story: A Report of The First Peoples’ Convening on Climate-Forced Displacement

One Story

That was what we heard and saw as each of 28 different communities, spread from the Alaska to the South Pacific, from Bangladesh to Louisiana and around to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington share their story of the immediacy and profound impact of Climate Forced Displacement. Not a displacement at some far-off, imaginary date. Right now. Here. In our backyards.

The NewStories Core Team was honored to work with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee to design and then facilitate this amazing four day convening. Team member Zulma Patarroyo who was responsible for graphic recording went on to design and layout this report.

It’s pretty amazing to see what’s actually happening.  Please take your time with this report and share it widely.

Download the First Peoples Convening on Climate Forced Displacement


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