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Beautiful Solutions

Resistance is essential, but it’s not enough. As we fight the injustice around us, we also have to imagine — and create — the world we want. We have to build real alternatives in the here and now — alternatives that are not only living proof that things can be done differently, but that actively challenge, and eventually supplant, the power of the status quo. Beautiful Solutions is an online platform, book, and training program that disseminates the most promising and contagious strategies for doing just that.

Expanding on the model of its companion project Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution, Beautiful Solutions lays out an interconnected matrix of Solutions, Values, Theories and Stories designed to promote and support the development of participatory civic, cultural and financial institutions that build community wealth and ownership in a manner that is restorative to ecological and societal health.

A comprehensive book version called Beautiful Solutions: A Toolbox for the Future is scheduled for Fall 2015.

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