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Discovering Peace in Challenging Times and Learning to Meditate

Gil Fronsdal is the founding teacher of the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City California. He has offered a Dharma talk on the topic of how appropriate is it to even consider being peaceful during these times of COVID-19, and how to reframe that question into one of releasing anxiety. Then he has taken his quarterly Introduction to Meditation class, usually offered at IMC one night per week over 5 consecutive weeks, and adapted it to a 9 consecutive day on-line course, in progress as of the time of this posting. As additional classes are presented, they will be added to this post and can also be found at, as well as audio only versions of these talks. All talks, meditations and courses at the Insight Meditation Center are provided on a donation only basis.

Gil Fronsdal: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (8 of 9) Audio Only

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