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Pedagogy of Bioregional Regeneration

This remarkable conceptual framework comes to us from Joe Brewer. Much of our work at NewStories is around how to step beyond the extraordinary pressure after major disasters to get back to the old normal as quickly as possible.  We believe that regenerative approaches may be a key.  If communities are going to do anything that’s truly transformative, a framework is needed which can help people ask the questions that can truly make a difference and which can provide some guidance about how to step forward.

The destructive power of disasters creates loss, trauma and grief.  It also creates at least a moment of recognition and release from a future we don’t really want.  But that opening quickly closes.  How do we hold it open?

Of course, we don’t need to wait for the disasters that hit us in the face — wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, mass shootings — we can choose to ask fundamental questions now.  And regenerative frameworks have great promise as an entry.  Check out Regenerative Communities Network for examples.

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