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Read This Call To Action from Oakland and CONTRIBUTE!

Many of us are working to discover what we can do right now to end systemic racism. One thing is to put our financial resources to use in supporting those, like Lead to Life. Please read this call to action in full.

They will be grateful for your attention, fellowship & support.

The 2020 solstice dawns and the long fire-raging sun is illuminating the  violence of the police-state — the untreated wounds, the ghosts of history that this country, steeping in white supremacy, have failed to put to rest — and the way that profound unrest has contributed to the failure of being able to love Black people thoroughly, unconditionally.

In the words of long-time Lead to Life supporter and comrade, Morgan Curtis — how can we move money like Black Lives Matter?

From our tree planting work to our ceremonies, to our films & media, workshops & labs, everything we do is to honor and uplift the sacred gift of life; with special reverence for the power, beauty, and magic of Black life and Black dreams.

The fires raging in the streets in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade, the fires of justice burning in our hearts – this is serotiny. This is alchemy. Millions of seeds are being germinated by these fires, but as we know, seeds do not grow without water.

We are asking for you to water these seeds so that our work may continue to grow and flourish into a giant tree — a tree “whose shade we may never feel, whose fruit we may never eat” (excerpt from our Lead to Life mantra).

We need resources now to fund our rapid response work:

  • A summer healing series for black folks,  where black healers in our community are holding powerful grieving and healing space – (we want to pay our healers well!)
  • Nourishing care packages for mothers in our community whose children were murdered by the police.
  • Releasing our short film and broadcasting to the world to invite folks to reimagine violence and inspire widespread alchemy. The film dances between our Oakland guns-to-shovels ceremony & an intimate alchemy ceremony on the land with the mothers – we can’t wait for you to see it in just a few weeks!
  • Ongoing Trauma Stewardship program to support mothers and families who’ve been impacted by police terrorism and state-sanctioned violence, through regular Healing Hikes, nature connection and expressive-arts therapy.
  • Other ongoing programs include upcoming tree plantings, teach-ins and ceremonies in Puerto Rico, Oakland, Detroit & beyond.

Can you help us raise $25,000 by Juneteenth in support of Black life, Black joy, and Black healing? And if you don’t see this until after Juneteenth, please contribute anyway!

Here are four ways you can support us:

  1. Join the Lead to Life alchemist guild, by becoming a monthly member! Ongoing support helps us plan for the future.
  2. Give a one-time donation to support our rapid response work amidst the uprising! We invite you to give generously in accordance with your privilege.
  3. Connect us to any individuals with resource privilege or foundations in your network who may be interested in supporting this work in a more significant way. Please connect with
  4. Volunteer! We are looking for support with fundraising, graphic design, web development, bookkeeping and more. Write us and let us know what skills you have and would like to offer our team at

All donations are tax deductible through our Fiscal Sponsor: Planting Justice, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization with an EIN of 27-0334905.

Donations can be made online at or checks can be made out to our Fiscal Sponsor and mailed to:

Planting Justice
Memo: Lead to Life
5845 Scarborough Dr
Oakland, CA, 94611

We are honored to receive your support, and encourage you to share this call to action with other folks who want to uplift Black healing and liberation during this revolutionary moment.

With gratitude and joyful commitment to Black LIFE,
The Lead to Life team (brontë, liz, jazmín, stormy & kyle)

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