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Tips for a Virtual Seder

“How is this night different from all other nights? ” This question, that is part of the Passover ritual dinner, will have a very different answer this year given that we are all living in the shadow of a pandemic. Instead of gathering with family and friends to celebrate, Jews everywhere are being asked to celebrate the Seder isolated in their own homes, separated from their loved ones.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Last week, 14 rabbinic authorities in Israel issued a statement permitting the use of Zoom or Skype to connect people during the Seder, provided that the app is turned on before the holiday begins and not turned off until it ends.” This is in sharp contrast to the usual restriction observed by orthodox Jews not to use electronic devices during Jewish holidays.

Since this is such an unusual Passover, guides for how to celebrate virtually are popping up on line in many places. Here are a few of them:

USA Today Article: Planning a coronavirus Passover: Tips for a virtual Seder in a year unlike any other post: Everything You Need to Celebrate Passover During Coronavirus
Times of Israel post: A coronavirus seder planner

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