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While Waiting For Homo Systemicus

This manuscript is part of what can be described as a single ongoing project whose purpose is to convert system blindness into system sight. Underlying this effort is the observation that although we humans are systems creatures – members of the widest variety of whole organic systems – we tend to be blind to ways in which the processes of the whole shape our experiences of ourselves, others, our systems and other systems. The costs of that blindness include debilitating personal stress, dysfunctional relationships, reduced system effectiveness, as well as the more catastrophic human system phenomena – unjust and cruelly discriminating beliefs and practices, bigotry, oppression, slavery, ethnic cleansing and genocide. All for lack, I maintain, of system sight. The overall project’s goal is to portray how system blindness, along with its costs, plays out in the widest range of human systems, and to demonstrate how, with system sight, we are able to avoid those costs while creating more satisfactory and productive human systems.


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