Post-Election Debrief and Sense-making


Nov 19 2020


Pacific Time
09:00 - 10:30

Post-election, where do we go from here, given the polarization and uncertainty?

Come gather virtually with Bob Stilger, Lynnaea Lumbard, and Jenn Meilleur and explore what is possible for each of us now. What is opening? What must we tend to? How do we each move forward with grace and grit? How do we find our next steps with resolve and kindness?

We believe that transformation comes when communities share what they are doing and learning and begin to imagine a new story of how we might live generatively on this small planet. We believe that the best policies and strategies for change and transformation come when we are clear about guiding principles and beliefs and use them to reflect about on-the-ground experience.

We move ahead by turning to one another. By listening to each other with respect and curiosity. By sharing our insights with generosity. By lifting up the collective insight held by the people in any system and finding what action we will take next, together.

At NewStories, we define a leader  as anyone who wants to help Рeveryone is welcome to join this virtual session Рplease join us!

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