Women’s Intergenerational Dialogues: Building a Village through Connection and Conversation – Full Series


Mar 04 2021

We are all facing times of tremendous change as we make our way into 2021. The upheaval of systems that are no longer working for people or the planet presents us with  tremendous opportunities to influence our own lives and communities. Especially for women, these times call for us to create places of belonging ~ places to connect, places to make meaning, and places to be supported.

In a word: we need a village.

This invitation is to provide you such a place.

Join Author/Leadership Coach Sue Brightman and New Stories’ Executive Director Jenn Meilleur in this four-part series of Women’s Intergenerational Dialogues. 

Together we’ll engage both large and small group discussions on four timely topics:

Dialogue 1: Where and Who is Our Village? Where are you finding your village?  What are the characteristics of an ideal village? How might we be it?

Dialogue 2
: Defining the Feminine. What does “the rise of the feminine” mean? How are we being it?  What is our inner and outer relationship to power?  

Dialogue 3
: Exploring our Intergenerational Roles/Relationships. Who are we to each other intergenerationally? How do we see each other? What do we want from one another?

Dialogue 4
: What are These Times? What is the time we’re in right now? What are the implications? Where do we go from here?

Each 90-minute Dialogue session will include an introduction to the topic, context-setting by Jenn and Sue, small group breakout discussions around provocative questions, and large group sharing and reflections. 

This Dialogue Series is for women of all ages to come together in a welcoming space to explore questions for this moment and to be a village of meaning-making for each other. 

We welcome all people who identify as women.

Together we will explore new questions arising as we rise:

  • What exactly is this time we are in?
  • Who are we to each other as women across generations? Who do we want to be?
  • How do we create the “villages” we need in the absence of traditional ones
  • What does the “rising feminine” mean? For what is it calling? What are its opportunities?

Thursday, March 4:  9:00-10:30am PT/ 12:00-1:30pm ET/ 5:00-6:30pm UK/ 6:00-7:30pm EU
Thursday, March 18: 9:00-10:30 PT/ 12:00-1:30pm ET/ 4:00-5:30pm UK/ 5:00-6:30pm EU
(please note US Daylight Savings Time change – UK and EU times affected)
Thursday, April 1: 9:00-10:30 PT/ 12:00-1:30pm ET/ 4:00-5:30pm UK/ 5:00-6:30pm EU
Thursday, April 15: 9:00-10:30 PT/ 12:00-1:30pm ET/ 4:00-5:30pm UK/ 5:00-6:30pm EU

We don’t want cost to be a barrier for anyone to join us, so we have created three payment tiers. When you register at the Supporter level, you are helping fund women who otherwise could not join. Please email Jenn (jenn@newstories.org) if cost is a barrier for you.      

Supporter: Four-Session Series $188. Per session $49
Regular Price: Four-Session Series $120. Per session $34
Supported: Four-Session Series $85. Per session $24.

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Sue Brightman is the founder of Women on the Journey of Their Lives, and enterprise dedicated to amplifying the voices of women over 50 and helping them lead inspired lives in later decades at a time the world needs their wisdom. A conscious business consultant and leadership development coach for 28 years to some of the world’s largest corporations, Sue has dedicated the last six years to studying the new evolutionary patterns of women over 50. Writing and speaking about the promise of millions of women emerging from the feminist movement with savvy, resilience, and observational wisdom from being outside the power circle, Sue coaches and leads retreats to support women finding their own paths of continued learning, loving, and leading. She is a certified coach, a master trainer of conscious business, trained negotiator and certified in EQ and SQ (spiritual intelligence), and a volunteer interfaith chaplain to correctional and mental health institutions. Living in Boulder, Colorado and working globally, Sue is the mother of two young adults, an ardent kayaker, a beginning djembe drummer.  

Jenn Meilleur is the Executive Director of NewStories. She is a systems change facilitator, sense-maker and strategist. Her passion is for cultivating bold, creative, and participatory leadership to create the conditions for happier, healthier, and more environmentally and socially just and resilient communities and workplaces. She has two decades of experience supporting and leading initiatives at the intersections of social and environmental health and wellness, community development, organizational development, and systems change. She has extensive experience supporting and leading collaborative networks and working with local governments, non-profits, cooperatives, philanthropy and community groups. Jenn finds her inspiration in nature on the unceded traditional lands and waters of the K’omoks Nation on what is known as Vancouver Island with her husband, two children, and many four-legged friends.

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