Fukushima (福島) and the Long Reach of Fear

Let’s get a more complete view of what’s important.

I really want to highlight an excellent piece of work. Please take the time to read this outstanding article if you want to understand radiation and Fukushima:

Fukushima and the Long Reach of Fear

My friend Tim Connor of Spokane, Washington wrote this piece. Tim and I have know each other since the nineties when I was on the Washington State Governor’s Nuclear Waste Board which had oversight for the cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation — the world’s largest accumulation of nuclear waste. Tim was a journalist an staff for the Hanford Education Action League (HEAL), one of the Hanford Watch Dog groups.

Over the last 20 years, Tim has gone deeper and deeper into nuclear issues, trying to understand what is really important and learning how to communicate effectively with others. We reconnected earlier this year at the memorial service for a dear man, Bill Houff, who was the founder of HEAL.

Tim and I started talking about Fukushima and FINALLY i had someone who could actually help me understand what was going on and help me put the incredible bullshit circulating about Fukushima radiation into perspective.  I asked him to help all of us, and this wonderful article is the result.

Please take the time to read it!

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