Japan Learning Journey

Japan Learning Journey: October 29 – November 11, 2017

We’re living in times with increasing uncertainty.  The future is becoming less and less visible.  What do we do?  There are really only two pathways.  One is the path of fear and control, the other is the path of excitement and co-creation.  At New Stories we’ve opting for the second path.

In June, 2014 Bob Stilger’s book When We Can’t See the Future, Where Do We Begin? was released in Japanese.  An English edition will be coming in 2017.  The question offered in the title is very alive in Japan and it will guide our second learning journey to Japan.   Learning Journeys take participants to places where they can witness the extraordinary work that ordinary people are doing to build thriving resilient communities in the face of an uncertain future. With a group of 15-20, we create a intimate learning community, where it becomes possible for participants to learn more about what’s really important to them in their lives right now. Learning journeys are intended to disrupt our habitual thoughts and experiences by encounters with others who are making a difference in their communities.

Our inaugural journey in November, 2014 was a huge success and we’ll repeat it again in 2016.  Lynnaea Lumbard, Berkana’s Co-President wrote this beautiful 2014 Japan Learning Journey article which will give you a clear picture of what happens on these learning journeys

We’ll form our community in Onagawa, a small village in the tsunami area of March, 2011. We’ll spend time  together building our learning community and also with  government and business leaders as well as social entrepreneurs who are working together to build a new future.  We will spend four in Fukushima — where we will be safe and where we will meet extraordinary people making new lives and new communities. In Fukushima we will be joined by a group of Japanese activists as well; it will truly be a cross cultural experience.  On our way to Kyoto for the second phase of the journey, we will visit Fujino, Japan’s first Transition Town. In Kyoto, we’ll explore Japan’s spiritual and cultural foundations which have helped produce the resilience to deal with disaster.  And we’ll drink in the incredible beauty of the region’s multi-colored autumn.

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