Lebanon Youth Leaders

NewStories and Elos Institute would like to provide you with some additional resources which may support you as you continue to step forward offering your leadership in Lebanon. There’s no need to review everything here and they are not offered in a particular order. Please follow your interest!

Principles of Life-Affirming Leadership. In the early part of this century Bob and Rodrigo were part of the Berkana Exchange – a trans-local learning community of people around the globe who were stepping forward to make a difference in their communities. While the work each of us did was different, we discovered that we were guided by similar values, principles and beliefs. Over several years we talked and talked and talked to discover what they were. They’re described in this excerpt from Bob’s 2017 book AfterNow: When We Cannot See the Future, Where Do We Begin?

And then, of course, there is Bob’s whole book as well. Please download it with our compliments. This book shares what Bob learned working with communities in Japan for the first six years after the Triple Disasters of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosions on March 1, 2011. Here are two versions:

Use discount code LEBANON at checkout to receive with our compliments. If you use the kindle app from Amazon, here are instructions for how to get it on your kindle. You’ll find other excerpts and resources at www.AfterNow.Today

Enspirited Leadership. Part of the research which led to creating the Berkana Exchange was Bob’s research on a new kind of leadership he saw arising in the world. Bob grew up in the social movements in the US of the 60s and 70s. Scholars described those movements as ideological, strategical and tactical. As Bob started listening to young people around the world, he realized that the movements in the early part of this century were different. He characterized them as enspirited, appreciative and emergent. They’re also described in this excerpt from AfterNow.

Spiral of Co-Creating. As you are already understanding, we see true leadership as participatory. A leader is part of a system, not separate. This short article puts the pieces together, The Spiral of Co-Creating is one way of understanding how we work together to create change that makes a transformative difference.

Warriors for the Human Spirit. Nearly 30 years ago Margaret Wheatley wrote Leadership and the New Science. It was the first time someone had asked the important question what does life have to teach us about leadership? Meg has been a good friend of Bob and Rodrigo for many years and her work has helped in articulating the principles of life-affirming leadership. The core of Meg’s work is inviting all of us to step into the leadership we have to offer in a world that in great turmoil. Part of Meg’s framework now is that our best efforts are those which create islands of sanity. We can’t fix everything, but we can make a difference where we live by working with the people and resources close at hand. When Meg heard about our work with youth in Lebanon, she asked us to share some of her resources with you. The first is an audio file: The Warrior’s Songline: A Journey Guided By Voice And Sound. It is accompanied by a Guidebook. You can download either the desktop or mobile version.

We hope you will find these resources useful!