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Grief as a Welcome Guest: deepening our relationship with heartache in a time of change

We will hold two sessions on this same teaching. Note that these sessions are each two hours in duration. Session cost is by donation.

Apr 25, 2020 04:00 PM Pacific Time – Please Register Here:

With the pandemic creating waves of uncertainty that will wash over us in the coming months, and likely years, we might ask ourselves, what is the role of grief in this time of complex change? How might we make a seat at the table for our grief, instead of closing the door to it? And what supports our ability to access the generative wisdom, creativity and vitality of our grieving? 

Through gentle experiential practices, and supported with key insights from grief work, somatic therapy and the Work that Reconnects, this session nurtures our capacity to turn towards our experiences of heartache and loss with skillfulness and compassion. 

Practitioner Bios

Olive Dempsey is a process designer, facilitator and strategist who supports individuals, teams and organizations to skillfully navigate complexity and change. She has led environmental leadership programs, designed award-winning community engagement processes, and provides organizational development and leadership training for public sector, non-profit and advocacy organizations across Canada. In addition to an MA in environmental education – in which she researched the psychosocial dimensions of environmental leadership – Olive has professional certifications in Co-Active Coaching, Authentic Leadership and Human Systems Dynamics. She regularly facilitates workshops and speaks on questions of psychological resilience and wellbeing in times of climate and environmental crisis.

Erica Crawford is a community planner, facilitator and counsellor specializing in collaborative processes for building community resilience and climate change adaptation strategies. She focuses on awareness and capacity-building through multi-stakeholder planning processes. Erica’s work in climate change adaptation led her to pursue training in somatic therapy, as she recognized the importance of addressing  psycho-social dimensions of dealing with uncertainty and change, incorporating body-based methods. She has a Masters in Community and Regional Planning, is a dedicated student of embodiment and grief work, and is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor.