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We are creating new virtual convening for different purposes — places to gather to share experience, online seminars and teaching, virtual festivals and events. We are in a period of rapid prototyping . For us that means trying stuff, listening to those who participate, sensing into what else is needed and what is possible. We can’t do this alone. This is co-sensing work. We also need to figure out a reasonable economy for doing this.

This is “real time” work. Right now we know what we’re doing barely a week in advance. This time horizon will get longer. Below you’ll see what we have planned for the week of March 29th.

Please tell us what you would like from NewStories by sending an email to . If you are able to make a donation of any size to support our work, please send it via PayPal

Week of April 5th

Regenerative Leadership In Times of Crises

Using Polarity Management to Hold the Contractions of These Times\

Join Gayle Karen Whyte and Bob Stilger in a dialogue about how to dance with the polarities and paradoxes of these COVID times. When to act and when to pause. What are the tensions you are carrying teaching you about what comes after this pandemic eases? 

Gayle uses Barry Johnson’s Polarity Management to teach organizations how to deal with complexity and ambiguity, and it applies directly to these pandemic times. We’ll explore ways to hold the many contradictions present: planning for now and planning for the future, being individualistic (self and family) and collectivistic (tending the commons), seeing the unfolding scale of the tragedy and seeing this as an opportunity to learn. 

On one level, it’s a way to map them out so that we can even see these dynamics and talk about them, and on another level, it’s a core way to understand the human dynamics of fear, aspirations, and values and how they play out when we are faced with crisis.

For more information:

Wednesday, April 8th 9:00 AM Pacific – Register:
Saturday, April 11th 5:00 PM Pacific – Register:

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