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On March 11, 2011, the Triple Disasters of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosions erupted in Japan. Bob Stilger, for whom Japan had been a second home since 1970, felt called to work with communities in the disaster area to help them build the future they wanted rather than simply having government rebuild the past.

In 2017 NewStories published Bob’s book which chronicles his learning from working with Japan’s disasters as well as insights from his lifetime of work about how change happens.  未来が見えなくなったとき、僕たちは何を語ればいいのだろうwas published by Eiji Press in Tokyo in June, 2014 and now the English Edition:  AfterNow: When We Cannot See the Future. Where Do We Begin.

We don’t have to wait for disaster.  While it is true that we now live with what seems to be endless cascades of disasters — climate, social, emotional — we don’t have to wait for them to hit our communities.  We can do what it takes to prepare for the possible, before and after disasters.

On NewStories companion website — AfterNow.Today — you can download the eBook, buy the softcover, explore a variety of resources and look at the services NewStories has to offer.

Bob has been student of change since the 60s.  His undergraduate degree from Carleton College in 1971 was in Social Change. His doctorate from CIIS in 2004 was in Learning and Change in Human Systems.  Throughout his life, he has been convening people and systems and communities to listen to each other and to take collective action. His work is a key part of the foundation of NewStories