Northern California Fire Affected Counties Network

We’re in design time now. Sensing in with a core group of people — mostly from COADs (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) and VOADs (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) — to envision what kinds of connections across the region might make the greatest difference.

The fires of August, 2020 make it clear there’s a shift. Until now most people have thought of fire as an anomaly — an unfortunate incident that happens from time to time. That’s shifted. Now it is fires, and the time between the fires. What’s needed between the fires to recover, prepare and transform has a new urgency.
Just about everyone is so busy – overloaded, stretched, grieving, exhausted and confused. What’s not needed is just one more thing to do. AND, connection is important. Sharing experience is important. Standing in solidarity with each other’s emotions is healing. New local action and strategies across the region are essential.

We’re in design phase now. Stay tuned!