Regenerating Community Leaders


In the autumn of 2020 NewStories is launching an in depth learning program for leaders whose work is to regenerate community. Over the last decade, NewStories has worked with grassroots community leaders throughout Cascadia, the Pacific Northwest, across North America and throughout the world. We understand that the work needed now is at four scales -personal, local, bioregional, transregional.

Our work with Regenerative Community Leaders is two-fold:

  • A 6 month learning cohort will bring together approximately 20 leaders to learn with and from each other and from outside provocateurs, wisdom keepers and specialists. It will combine virtual learning sessions, coaching and action groups where participants are applying what they are learning in real time. After the first cohort we will pause, reimagine and continue with a second cohort.
  • We will offer longer in depth learning sessions around particular topics and themes based on the needs of the cohort and the communities they serve. The first of these will be a three month virtual course on bringing anti-racism and diversity, equity and inclusion into the middle of regenerating community work.

Meet the team behind this project