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In 2018, Transition US, the hub of the Transition Town Movement in the United States, was asked by a number of neighborhood leaders to compile an emergency preparedness curriculum that is based on the same approach they used for their successful neighborhood project called Transition Streets – getting clusters of neighbors to work through a self-guided handbook full of practical, affordable actions over the course of several meetings.

In 2019, Transition US, asked NewStories to help design and implement this project and together we invited Deb Needham, Certified Emergency Manager, City of Renton’s Office of Emergency Management, and Hannah Heyrich, Disaster Educator at City of Auburn, WA., to help create this process, framework and a curriculum for neighbors to get ready together!

Our approach was based on neighbors inviting near-neighbors to work through a 7 week curriculum to get ready together. We started to pilot the program in January, 2020. Then the pandemic hit.  Right now we’re stepping back and reconsidering how best to do this work. It may be as “simple” as taking the curriculum virtual. And perhaps something else is possible. Check out our beta-website at

For more information about this project’s curriculum, read this description  from Carolyne Stayton, the Executive Director, at Transition US.

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Ready Together!

For the last several years Transition US (TUS) and NewStories have been working together to support people everywhere who are building healthy and resilient communities. We’ve been natural allies with similar values but using used different strategies. As we discovered two years ago in our “Stories to Action” project with...

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