Introduction to Re-Authoring Diversity and Inclusion

In this 4 hour introductory virtual workshop with Chené Swart and Lungi Molamu we will focus on the re-authoring ideas and practices that can help us to have conversations about the positive and negative sides of our cultural identities as it plays into our relatedness with the “other” and sometimes “othering”.  These ideas and practices create a re-dignifying space where our conversations invite stories that build bridges to the other.

On July 30 and 31, we will follow this workshop with a two-day deep dive — 6 hours a day — into understanding and practicing how to re-author diversity and inclusion. For information about this  session, click here.

These sessions are generously offered by donation

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 from 08:00am to 12:00pm Pacific Time via Zoom

Re-authoring is an invitation into the adventure of being authors and co-authors of our world.

An adventure that speaks of:

  • our acts of refusal and protest about the “way things are”
  • the folding of the richness of our lives into our identities and relationships
  • the invitation to re-member our communities and
  • the ignition of hope through alternative narratives that dream of a different future.

Through a lens and set of practices what is taken-for-granted can be unveiled and precious moments can be enriched into narratives that can re-author the future. Come and join our community as we invite you to see, be seen, connect, dignify, listen, question, unpack, enrich, narrate and burst into aliveness!  

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Chené Swart is a Narrative Therapist from South Africa who has been translating these ideas and practices with organisations, communities and individuals from various cultures and contexts. Her work builds on the gifts of narratives, human connectedness, diversity, moving through and transformation that inspired the book, Re-authoring the World! For the last 20 years she has been exploring how we can take back the pen and re-author with dignity and beauty our human presence in this world. The work she brings is an offering to change and challenge the way we look so that we can see and do differently in our relatedness with ourselves, one another and the world. She believes that “the way things are” can be challenged, re-authored and transformed and is committed to participate in and contribute to conversations and actions that re-author our world towards the common good, one narrative at a time!

Lungi Molamu is an Orgainisational Development Consultant from South Africa having worked for over twenty years in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. She completed a two- year Advanced Diploma in Narrative Ideas in 2016 and has been incorporating these ideas in her work. The gifts she brings to her work on Diversity and Inclusion as a Narrative Therapist drives her to examine and to question the plots we have taken for granted.  The various roles we have created for ourselves and others over time, and the realisation that we have choices in re-authoring these narratives. This re-authoring constitutes a new relationship with life and the world. It enables one the creation and recreation of the self as a character in one’s own on-going story. It has a transformational character which is critical in Diversity and Inclusion.

The co-facilitators of the journey
Chené Swart and Lungi Molamu started working together in diversity and inclusion projects in 2008 and have combined their love for narrative work in workshops and client work since 2017 in their Re-authoring Diversity and Inclusion workshops and journeys.  Their work is built upon years of working together in this field, a deep friendship and a love for narrative re-authoring ideas that continually open up new ideas and practices.

And there is more: This workshop is an introduction to a series of six workshops that can be attended as a whole or separately with Chené Swart. These workshops address the most important themes of re-authoring ideas and practices over a 6-month period. Learn more here.