Sendai Future Center for Collaborative Action ~ Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #33 ~ August 5th

Dear Friends,

I’ve been away from Japan for almost two months and will return in a couple of weeks.  I’ve got something delightful to share.

We just learned that our proposal to Give2Asia to establish a Future Center for Collaborative Action in Sendai has been funded!  We still need to raise a little more than $100,000, but nearly $200,000 from G2A means this goal is within sight!

Sendai is the largest city in the triple disaster region.  We’ll be finding space there for a Future Center, hiring a full time director, and over the next two years training more than 25 people to design and host Future Sessions for Collaborative Action.

Over the next two years we’ll be working at a variety of levels of system – from starting a monthly reflection space for social innovators working in the region to working with specific local communities around their opportunities and problems.  In the coming months we’ll be looking for the starting points — the places where people are ready to make use of the form called Future Center to help them build strong relationships which in turn lead to effective collaborative action.

Our overall goal is to rekindle a culture of dialog and deliberation in the region where people turn to each other to solve tough problems and to see how to open up new opportunities in their communities and their region.  One of the things that’s exciting to me in Japan right now are the ways in which I’m seeing people individuate — standing up for what they believe — while staying connected with the collective field.  I believe this is what we need much more of, all around the world.

Our core team — Yuya Nishimura, Yuka Saionji and Bob Stilger — have worked since January to craft this venture.  We’re very excited because this makes it possible for us to create a magnet in the region — attracting people and work already underway that understands the importance of dialog.

It’s a new beginning for us and the only thing that’s certain is that this will unfold in ways we cannot anticipate.  Our work is to ground ourselves in our values and principles and to notice what is happening, working with emergence to seed a wider field of possibilities than we can imagine ourselves.

We need help with funding and we will need help with specific aspects of the work at it unfolds.

Thanks to all of you who have read and responded to my many notes over the last 18 months!



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