Steps for Launching an Eco-Friendly Business

I’ve been intrigued with what I see at NewStories for some time now. I told them I would also like to see more practical suggestions for what to do and they said to me, “Perhaps you would like to write a short blog about some of the ideas you would like to share.” I accepted the invitation and am delighted to share a few thoughts with friends of NewStories about launching eco-friendly businesses in these perplexing times. Here are some great tips and resources to help you get up and running as an entrepreneur focused on environmentally-friendly practices—in other words, an ecopreneur!

Start Learning

The more time you spend learning about sustainability, business, and your industry, the better equipped you’ll be to grow a thriving business.

  • Consider attending online school and earning a bachelor’s degree in your field of choice, such as accounting or business management.
  • Learn about where other businesses fall short of meeting their sustainability goals.
  • You can also learn from businesses that got it right, like major restaurants that have scrapped artificial ingredients.

Work from Home

Running a home-based business will enable you to reduce your energy consumption and cut back on single-use plastics.

  • Remote companies use a lot less paper, plastic, and other products that harm the environment.
  • Reducing the number of people who commute to work is a great way to reduce carbon emissions.
  • If you need to lease an office space, find a location close to home so you can bike or walk to work.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Controlling your energy consumption will benefit the planet, but also your wallet. It’s a win-win!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Finding ways to reduce your waste will decrease your environmental impact and can save your business money in the long run!

  • Use digital recordkeeping to cut down on your use of paper and plastic. 
  • When you need to use paper or plastic, choose post-consumer waste (PCW) products made from recycled materials.
  • Recycle all of the paper and plastics you use in your office.
  • You can also keep ink and toner out of the landfill by disposing cartridges at special drop-off bins.

I believe we need more entrepreneurs who are passionate about caring for our planet, and I’m excited NewStories has allowed me to share my ideas on launching an eco-friendly business with their readers. Starting one of these types of companies is a great way to do your part in saving the planet!

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