In 2016 NewStories was approached by a marvelous trio from the Bay Area.  Marvin Mutch had been released from San Quentin in February, 2016 through the Innocence Project.  He was 58 and had been in prison since he was 17 for a murder he didn’t commit.  Lady Bird Morgan is a hospice nurse who has helped many complete their lives.  Sandra Fish is a tireless worker for social justice, with particular compassion for the plight of men and women in our prisons.  Together they had started  Human Prison Hospice and asked if NewStories could help it grow in our Action Lab.

This happened as the battles in the streets between cops and citizens were intensifying. NewStories wants to start making visible the stories about how to transform justice.  Humane Prison Hospice is one of these stories — starting at San Quentin they want to both provide needed support to prisoners who are dying and to work to change the adversarial culture of prisons into a relational one.  They see their work spreading.  This is  one such story of how justice might transformed.  Where are the others?

We need your help in starting to bring these stories forward.  Interested?  E-mail us