Practices for Living Into a New Story

Embedded in our worldview is the set of values that we aspire to embody in our lives. They govern the practices we commit to and the choices we make about our actions. Where do we want to come from in our relationship to others? What motivates us to act? What are we trying to be in how we live our lives?

When we, as a NewStories board, began to make a list of our individual and collective values, so many of them started with C, that Seven C’s became an easy way to start to coalesce them.

As early as 2300 BC, ancient mariners named seven seas that surrounded their lands or marked trade routes. If you had sailed all of them you would be considered to have great nautical skill. There are, of course, many more seas than seven and so it is that there are many more C’s than seven. Practicing at least seven

Consciousness: We aspire to become aware of ourselves and the world around us, to be conscious in our interactions with others and the consequence of our actions.

Compassion: How we face the difficulties of changing times is a choice. We strive to come from compassion, to develop our capacity for love and an awakened heart.

Communication: We are dedicated to being clear and honest and loving in our communications, to learn and to teach the skills of respectful, communication across differences.

Collaboration: Living systems require collaboration, whether between species in an ecosystem or between organs in a body. The new story is a whole that arises out of a multiplicity of parts.

Creativity: We are in a co-creative process with life. Our actions have consequences and our creativity, our gifts and skills, are essential ingredients in determining how our collective future unfolds.

Circle: We live our lives in a circle, where every voice has a place and needs to be honored. When each voice speaks into the central fire, new possibilities and great wisdom emerge.

Community: Whatever the problem, community is the answer.” (Margaret Wheatley. Creating thriving communities to move through times of great transition is how we practice living into the New Story.

There are many other C’s—Character, Capacity, Curiosity, Clarity, Confidence, Courage, Commitment. There are also I’s-Integrity, Intention, Intuition, Interconnectedness. Or A’s—Authenticity, Accountability, Awareness. Or T’s—Truth, Transformation, Thankfulness.

Make your own lists of what you want to work with as your core intentions, your commitments and your contributions to a co-creating a New Story.