Sunshine, Annie and Spirit Hiking – Summer 2021

PCT Tracks

Susan hitting her 2,000 mile mark, and riiiiiight before the food poisoning hit and we were trying to figure out whether we could possibly get out the remaining 16 miles or would need to get her airlifted out
(Day 3)
Dinner at Grumpy Bears the last night before heading in
First campsite 12 miles in. South Fork Kern River.
… and while you cannot see it in this photo, near pouring rain for several hours
Annie photographing sunrise of the 4th day.
Sunrise start at 5:30 on day 2
Second night campsite. Morning of the third day, drying everything out after getting poured on for 3 hours the previous afternoon.
Spirit, Susan & Annie at the celebration site.
fter 4 days and 45 miles,we are ready for town food, showers, laundry, re-supplying and 2 nights in a bed!
First campsite 12 miles in. South Fork Kern River.
Day two meadows
Susan—trail name Sunshine—has now hiked 2000 miles of the PCT!  Only 650 to go. Trail friend Spirit surprised me with this pine cone display and a hard-to-see sun on top of the numbers.
Annie at 3rd night campsite. Overlooking Owens Valley & the White Mountains.