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Nuturing Innovation

Dear Friends, I’m on my way home to Kyoto for a brief visit before returning for a for five final days of work in Fukushima. 

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Lynnaea Lumbard

Future Centers

What’s your immediate response when you hear the words “Future Center”? I first heard them a few months ago from Bob Stilger who had been

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Ordinary People

Pausing as I write the phrase, ordinary people…. What’s really true is that I am just blown away.  I’ve spent the last three days meeting

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The Art of a True Move

I first met Arawana Hayashi in the summer of 2004 at the Shambhala Authentic Leadership Institute (now ALIA — www.aliainstitute.org).  It was my first time

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Women’s Leadership

Perhaps it is ironic, but women’s leadership has never been a topic that has captivated my attention. Since I was little, I have heard my

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