Bonny Meyer

Bonny is Principal of Meyer Family Enterprises, investor in the financial markets, commercial property, and green technologies. She is a strategic philanthropist and a community activist. She loves to sail, play guitar and sing with friends. Now and then she skis and drives fast when no one is looking.

Bonny is the founder of Thrive Napa Valley, a project intended to build local community resilience in the Napa region of California to build resilience by shining a light on success stories and by connecting social innovators to promote the most effective sustainable practices from around the world.

Forbes recently featured Bonny, for her leading role in the Impact Investment community. “Double Duty Dollars” gives a brief history of Impact Investing and highlights Bonny’s commitment to contributing to the larger good.

The legend of Bonny’s Vineyard states that Bonny gazes upon and blesses her vineyard every morning and that’s what makes the wine so extraordinary. Others say the wine is a manifestation of Justin and Bonny’s love for one another. But no one really knows for sure.