Chris Corrigan

In this time period my work has been varied in scope and scale. I have worked everything from single two hour meetings to large conferences and long term systemic shifts. My work has continued to focus on Aboriginal communities and I have a conscious practice of bringing wisdom from that world to my work with non-Aboriginal organizations and communities and vice versa. I am a strong believer in connecting people and groups who are doing similar work and increasing the capacity for organizations and communities to engage in their own change initiatives. In this respect, combining the teaching and learning work I do with the organizational consulting has resulted in sustainable results on large scales and over time with several organizations. From a practice of facilitating groups my work now encompasses organizational learning, leadership support, community development and systemic change. I have learned much over the years.

In 2007 my life and business partner Caitlin Frost and I and our children Aine and Finn began Harvest Moon Consultants, Ltd. Harvest Moon combines the facilitation and coaching capacities of Caitlin and I to provide a full scale coaching and facilitating offering to organizations and leaders. This new chapter in our lives continues the story of our work and life together and invites our children into our business as well.

My work and life are deeply integrated, and clients are often exposed to various aspects of my “non-professional” life, including martial arts, juggling, rock balancing, poetry and music. These artistic activities keep my practice ground in the arts, and inspire me to continue living my life as a work of art, constantly revised and changed and improved for the benefit of all who come in contact with it.

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