Christopher Thorsen

As founder of Quantum Edge, Chris has advised senior executives for over 40 years. He has helped CXOs of industry leading communications and technology companies grow their companies exponentially, he’s helped leaders of old line utility companies revitalize their moribund cultures, and he’s helped directors of international policy institutes establish their global presence.

Chris has provided development coaching to executives and their teams leading organizational transformations at Disney World, Lucent Technologies, Kaiser Permanente and Unocal. He helped build the wireless industry, spending twelve years as an integral member of the executive teams that started and operated Cellular One and Nextel Communications.

In the late nineties, Chris spent five years providing periodic Aikido/Conflict Resolution Seminars for policy leaders from the Turkish and Greek factions on the war torn Island of Cyprus. He was a Founding Consultant of Interaction Associates, the internationally known facilitation and training firm. He has a Masters Degree from the University of San Francisco in Community Organization and OD and is a contributor to The Dance of Change, the Fifth Discipline Resource Book.

Chris is a pioneer in the application of the principles of Aikido [The Art of Peace] and Bohm’s Dialogue to leadership mastery, team synergy and organizational strategy. He has studied and taught Aikido for over thirty-five years and is a master of Haiku, the Zen poetry of deep presence in Nature.

Chris’s Bio