Dorian Baroni

I am an executive coach, leadership programs and retreats faculty, and organizational advisor. My business experience has spanned a variety of industries – investment banking, global energy, consumer goods and art retail – and a number of countries – UK, US, Venezuela, Italy, Belgium.

One of my core beliefs is that a leader’s individual journey towards wholeness is critical to addressing today’s global challenges. And as a business woman, I am also particularly passionate about the role and power of feminine leadership to support the evolution of global mindsets, social systems and models of economic impact.

I work with both individuals and organizational teams. I help individuals develop a higher quality of self-awareness, so as to enable courses of action in which the truth of one’s individual calling and the power of one’s true gifts can more clearly ‘show up’. When working with organizations, I look for the patterns in the organizational culture, systems or structures – whether hidden conflicts or self-defeating strategies – which are getting in the way of the creative potential of collective endeavors. Bringing to light such patterns allows for a different level of conversations in which the truth about such ‘stuckness’ can be seen, voiced and ultimately transformed.

I work as a Senior Associate, mainly in the US and Europe, with a number of consultancies: with Pluribus-Europe in Bruxelles (focused on Inclusion and Diversity work with global organizations) and with Morris Graham  in London (focused on Systemic Change and Leadership Coaching).  I am also on the leadership team of the CIYO; guiding the global expansion of the Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) women’s leadership development network and its associated programs, and innovating the design of leadership development experiences for women in corporate settings. I also work as an executive coach with individual clients and for the Yale School of Management graduate business programs. Finally, depending on the project or initiative, I collaborate with other independent organizational development practitioners to either host conferences, facilitate large group processes within offsites or explore the impact of mindfulness on leadership impact.

My current US home base is in Arizona, but I spend a significant portion of each year in the New York area and in Europe.