Elias Serras

Elias is an organizational consultant, event producer, and facilitator who is passionate about systemic transformation. He works with a variety of communities and practices that are grounded in creative resilience, intercultural collaboration, and ecological wisdom. Having spent much of the past decade living and learning in Ecovillages around the world, he is always seeking ways to apply lessons learned on the fringes to more mainstream and urban contexts. He has also followed interests and done work in the realms of Men’s Work, Rites of Passage, Mindfulness and Humanistic Psychology. Originally from upstate New York, he has lived in many places picking up stories and perspectives. In addition to his work with NewStories, Elias is the Director of Community Learning and Partnerships with YES! During free time Elias can be found getting lost in the woods, jamming out on the piano, or reading a book in his hammock.