Kana Ishii Paszek

Born and raised in Tokyo, I am a little surprised to find myself living in Edmonton Canada!  I moved here with my new husband, who I met when we were both scuba diving in Indonesia.  My life has been one of exploring possibilities and it continues now as I find myself stretched between two cultures — not quite fitting in either and bridging both!

Before moving to Canada, I worked for ten years in a number of positions at Fuji Xerox in Tokyo.  Some of my most inspiring work was as part of KDI — Knowledge Dynamics Initiative — where we worked with major businesses throughout to Japan to promote innovation and new thinking.

It was in my work at Fuji Xerox that I met Bob Stilger in 2010.  Together with others at KDI we launched a Future Center movement in Japan to create new spaces for innovation in companies.  In the fall of 2010 we hosting the Global Future Center Summit bringing people from 13 countries together in Japan to learn with each other about Future Centers.

Now, among other things, I work as a Program Associate at New Stories.

For more about me, please see this PDF