Kathy Jourdain

I have a diversity of experience in process design and co-creating adaptive strategy thanks to my work with a wide variety of clients and colleagues in addressing simple, complicated and dynamically complex issues in Canada, the US, Brazil and France.  My work with clients and stakeholders includes community and cross-cultural engagement, strategic direction, innovation and building team coherence in traditional organizations in the private, public and not for profit sectors, across systems in rural, urban and suburban settings, with social entrepreneurs, across generations and in culturally specific circumstances. I am internationally recognized as a steward and practitioner of the Art of Hosting (AoH) Conversations That Matter, a self-organizing, global network living the principles and practices of collaborative leadership.

In my memoir, Embracing the Stranger in Me: A Journey to Openheartedness, hailed as a deeply authentic sharing of a personal journey that has shaped who I amtoday, I share some of my stories of strength and compassion arising from embracing adversity, explaining how my journey has powerfully shifted the shape of my life and work.”

Kathy Jourdain Resume

For more information about Kathy visit http://shapeshiftstrategies.wordpress.com/