Marc Parnes

I have been a physician for 33 years in the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology. I retired from private practice in August of 2012. Early on in my career I became aware of the importance of the patient/physician relationship and its critical role in the healing process. Firmly rooted in the physical sciences (BA in Physics from Kenyon College) and classic medicine (MD from Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine), I appreciate that there is something that greatly enhances medical knowledge in the process of healing that has to do with the interaction that occurs between the two individuals involved in the process.

In the Spring of 2005 I had the opportunity to take part in an Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter training. Since that time I have become a practitioner and steward of the Art of Hosting. I have had the opportunity to attend the ALIA Summer Institute six times, which has enhanced my understanding of authentic leadership. It has led to a greater understanding and appreciation of living systems and has led me to develop my personal practice of mindful meditation.

Currently I am the President of the Columbus Medical Association Foundation and am managing a three physician practice. In both of these endeavors I am given the opportunity to practice the Art of Hosting. Within the practice that I manage, we have been successfully using self organization as an integral part of our corporate structure.

My aspiration over the course of my retirement is to share my experience with how the Art of Hosting and mindful meditation has influenced and enhanced my personal practice of medicine. It is my hope that it can lead others to a greater level of practicing the Art of Medicine.

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