Maria Scordialos

I grew up in the international environment of the United Nations, living in Congo, Guinea, India, Nepal, and the United States. I have an MBA from Southampton University, UK.

My work focuses on creating participatory processes that invite people from all backgrounds to have conversations that matter. I design gatherings, trainings, and longer-term initiatives that provide the opportunity for deep insight, systemic change and long-term impact. This is especially important at this time of world wide crisis where we need to fundamentally reframe our leadership, governance and actions in order to create new ways of living and working.

My practice of participatory leadership has been inspired by her diverse experience. I work as a Corporate Director in Local Government in the UK, and founded my own successful consulting company in 2002.  I co-initiated the Art of Hosting, a world wide network of participatory leadership which is being practiced in contexts such as the European Commission as well as in local social innovation initiatives.

I am also a social entrepreneur hosting a rural place of learning with nature in Greece, Axladitsa-Avatakia  and a co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute action researching systemic change, particularly in places where deconstruction of the present system is taking place.

Visit Living Wholeness Institute and Axladitsa-Avataki