Megumi Miyata

I was born in Gunma-ken Japan in 1975. Not quite 20 years later I left Japan to travel in and learn from the world.  For six years I lives in a Kibbutz community in Israel.  I was drawn to dance and when to learn flamenco dance at the Fundacion Christina Heeren school, where I graduated in 2006.  I returned to Israel to teach flamenco and then, 2 years later moved to Palestine to live and teach dancing in the refugee camps.

In 2010 I returned to Japan and opened my own dancing studio in Gunma Prefecture.  I also started professional training in Movement Medicine in the UK and finished my professional training there in 2014.

I met Bob Stilger in 2014 when he offered a workshop on Active Hope in Fukushima, based on Joanna Macy’s work.  We’ve since had several opportunities to be together and to blend dance and dialog for the healing of our world.

I speak  Japanese, English, Hebrew, and Spanish