Michael Chender

I am an unindicted serial entrepreneur who has embraced ambiguity through starting a number of both businesses and social projects over the past forty years–some successful and influential, like Metals Economics Group, the leading information provider to the worldwide mining industry (recently sold), and ALIA, Authentic Leadership in Action; others…mmm, powerful learning experiences. I’ve maintained (I think) my sanity and sense of humour by studying and teaching Buddhism and the associated Shambhala teachings under Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche since 1970. All of this has further come together for me in the past few years in teaching “The Five Steps of Wise Action, ” together with calligrapher Barbara Bash, and group facilitator Lyn Hartley. My other area of current focus is in applying the change perspectives and methodologies I have learned to an ambitious and well-grounded project to enhance the civil society of Nova Scotia n(www.engagenovascotia.ca).

Visit www.aliainstitute.org