Miha Pogacnik

For management achieving “excellence” is the goal; but for us, performing artists, it is the starting point. For us only “striving for genius” matters, for uniqueness, once-and-never-again, for compelling, vibrant vision of the Big Picture!

These are also the parameters of genuine leadership in our turbulent times of change, uncertainty and systemic multiple crisis. The quick fix on the surface is illusionary and unsustainable, we must learn transformation techniques and methods by reaching into deep, profound source of human nature to learn how to “dance with the emerging future”. It is the nature of genuine Arts to guide us on this journey, into these deeper layers of human creative potential. Music, of them all, touches and moves us most directly in the centre of our heart and if taken (interdisciplinary) as a consciouss process, SHE fires the “emotional intelligence” for reaching the impossible.

How do we then inspire and motivate our people to release their deepest potential and creativity, to go with passion and conviction into implementing vital changes and not just because they are told to do so? If we as leders are to stand in front of our teams to convey a message, to inspire for co-creation: we must find a way to go far beyond “powerpoint”! In this respect, as with all types of “overkill”, technology has lost its “cutting edge” because of shere volume of information inflation. Knowledge and information can be transformed to empathy permeated wisdom if we want lasting results.

I am known as the Slovenian cultural ambassador, and am known internationally as a  violinist and cultural enterpreneur. More than thirty years ago I decided to replace concert stages with congress halls, lecture halls and classrooms, believing that art can help the society and economy to develop up to a new level of beeing socially responsible and creative.

During the last two decades I have worked intensivelly  on promotion of integration and interaction between art and economy as consultant to a number of international associations and corporations (World Bank, IBM, Microsoft, Siemens, Daimler, Nokia, Novartis, Greenpeace…) and was many times invited also to inspire stakeholders and creators of world politics on important world summits (World Economic Forum in Davos, United Nations).

I am also founder of IDRIART, the International Initiative for the Development of Intercultural Communication through the Currents of Art, established in 1981, an institution that has by today organised over 200 inetercultural festivals world-wide.

Visit: http://www.terraparzival.eu