Nina Nisar

Nina is a strategist, facilitator and coach for Conflict Transformation, Multi-stakeholder Engagement, Community Building, Leadership Development and Collaborative Innovation Processes. She designs and facilitates transformative learning processes that accelerate the potential to evolve in each situation, individually and therefore collectively, collaborate on creating what we want to see in the world, and evoke peace between people and within. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with political parties, NGOs, Foundations, the European Commission, Cities and Civil Movements in Europe, Afghanistan, India and Israel/ Palestine. She is also a co-founder and creative director of “MADE IN Afghanistan”, a social enterprise contributing to a strong, empowered and peaceful future of Afghanistan.


Fields of Expertise and Work Experience

Community Building: 2 years of working with grassroots, government and political parties on city level, engaging citizens across generations and building community for the betterment of living conditions and citizens participation – India and Germany.

Conflict Transformation and strengthening capacity of dialogue work: 1 year of contributing to the design and roll-out of a long term dialogue project, aiming at strengthening cross-party collaboration. Building local dialogue facilitation capacity – Israel / Palestine.

Youth Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship: 1 year of setting up the Ashoka Youth Changemaker City Initiative, empowering youth to become Agents of Change in their local environments – Germany.

Multistakeholder Engagement: design and facilitation of several multistakeholder gatherings within the framework of member state gatherings of the European Commission – Belgium.

Participatory Leadership in Civil Society:: designing and hosting Participatory Leadership Trainings to strengthen civil society, Slovenia.



  • MA in International Politics, Psychology and Higher Education
  • Certified Integral Facilitator: Diane Musho Hamilton and tendirections Faculty
  • Participatory Process and Leadership Design: The Art of Hosting Meaning Conversation (worldwide)
  • Dialogue Facilitation: Freeman Dorothy (MIT), Martina & Johannes Hartkemeyer
  • Conflict Transformation: Johan Galtung, Institute for Integrative Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding
  • Social Innovation: Adam Kahane (Solving Tough Problems), Presencing Institute USA (Theory U)
  • Train-the-Trainer, Neuland & Partner, Germany