Norio Honda

I was born in Minamisoma-shi in 1957 and after graduating from the university I worked in the advertising industry for many years and became the CEO of my own company.  Even before the triple disasters things were getting hard in Tohoku and in October 2010, I and others established the NPO “Genki ni narou Fukushima” for regional revitalization. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, I started started information about Fukushima’s real situation and asking all over Japan to provide protection for Fukushima’s children. I also facilitated collaboration between the organizations within Fukushima and I worked to facilitate collaboration between the organizations in Fukushima and those all over Japan. In 2012, I worked as a member of the secretariat and a mentor for the Cabinet Office’s reconstruction assistance project. Currently, supporting several reconstruction assistance activities such as creating Rensho-an community in Tamura-shi, reconstructing agriculture in Kawauchi-mura, reconstructing activities in Okuma-machi. Since 2012 I have been working with Bob Stilger from New Stories and we have been supporting each other’s work in Fukushima.

Some of my positions include:

  • CEO, Associate (Advertisement company)
  • Vice-president and executive director, NPO Genki ni narou Fukushima
  • President and executive director, NPO Rensyo-an Kurashi-no-gakko
  • Limited partner, apple tree llc.
  • Administration officer, Team Tomodachi
  • President and executive director, NPO Ohkuma-machi Furusato Ohentai
  • Member of the secretariat, Fukushima Kaigi
  • Consortium, Kitchen Garden