Peter Pula

I’m currently working on co-creating a federated news network for a renewed and thriving world. Axiom News providing Generative Journalism services to organizations that wish to co-create their narrative with their communities and stakeholders. Since we spend so much of our lives at work, the stories of how we come together in organizations, discover our gifts and co-create new possibilities are some of the most important narratives to amplify. Real time, real life news narratives provide real information for making a difference.

By connecting the narratives of each storytelling organization we can connect strength to strength a build a new story of possibility. Our foundational practice and service is Generative Journalism. Axiom News coined the term. We believe in storytelling as an enabler of strengths, and a catalyst for change. We have spent twenty years creating and co-evolving this model, and are recognized leaders in this form of inquiry and communication.

I believe that transformative community conversations, in person and online, that inquire into your purposes, risks, commitments, gifts and possibilities are the kick-starter for community change. These conversations identify story themes, open channels to collaboration, empower and energize participants, and bring the wealth and wisdom of community to the surface.

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