Sarah Queblatin

Sarah Queblatin is a creative regenerative solutions designer weaving experience in environmental education, cultural heritage, peacebuilding, and humanitarian assistance for I/NGOs. After responding to conflict and disasters, she was inspired to join the Transition and the Ecovillage Movement realising the need for whole – systems designed solutions. She is a transformative artist at heart and used arts relief as part of Psycho – Social Support assistance to disaster survivors and conflict IDPs in the Philippines. She is pending to continue her Masters in Expressive Arts for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. In 2012, she was awarded by the Arts and Healing Network with its Honoring the Next Generation Award for her work with children, leaders, and communities through her community projects. Currently, she is working on piloting healing gardens and child friendly spaces  in places affected by disaster and conflict using ecovillage and permaculture design through Project Rainbow  Project Rainbow continues on from Kites for Peace, a children led campaign to end armed conflict in this generation which was supported by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. 

Sarah is inspired by creative restorative principles for resilience on the personal level and explores its applications to a community – wide crisis rehabilitation and prevention. She loves the idea of the new story as a restorative approach and practice for people and communities in transition. She dreams of a journey with the mandalas of different communities around the world inspired by their sacred practices and beliefs integrating whole systems designs like ecovillage, permaculture, or indigenous wisdom inspired solutions.