Scott Perret

Scott helps organizations and individuals clear muddy waters, release logjams and move forward with clarity, purpose and a sense of humor. His work is informed by systems thinking and complexity theory. As a facilitator of participatory/dialogic processes, leadership development, deeper interconnectivity and relational shifts in individuals and systems, Scott is committed to empowering people to tap into their collective intelligence and co-create thriving, sustainable futures—ones that are resilient, socially just, ecologically smart and financially sustainable.

He has found his tribe and his home with those who, in myriad ways, are working to shift our dominant paradigms (stories) towards ones that see ourselves, the world and everything in it as profoundly and inextricably interconnected…and therefore interdependent. And who are putting into practice the implications of that paradigm shift, to co-create the better world we know is possible.

At the personal level, Scott’s is a “walk out, walk on” story. In early 2010, after thirteen years of more-than-full-time work as a ‘top agent’ in the trenches of Seattle’s intense pre- and post-dot-com boom real estate scene, Scott drastically downscaled and reorganized his business and moved to Europe to devote himself to an inquiry into the calling that had been tugging at his heart for years.

Reading, writing and thinking, he quickly discovered his passion was for the big questions around why our civilization produces the outcomes it does—particularly the less desirable ones. What is it about our fundamental paradigms and systems that has us in the complex bind of ever-increasing ecological destabilization and locked-in or growing patterns of social injustice and inequality, all playing out against a background ache of disconnection and emptiness?

The following five years saw him complete a Master’s in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, consult for the Miami Dade County Office of Sustainability, the Earth Ethics Institute and the Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy in Miami, lead an organizational change effort as Director of Network Relations for sustainability NGO The Natural Step International in London, UK, and begin work with colleagues on a complex set of cultural, structural and strategic planning questions for a 170-year-old community of women religious in the American Midwest.

Scott Perret
Consulting & Facilitation