Silas Lusias

My name is Silas Lusias.  I considered myself a Bridge-builder, Community-‘’liver’’and a Social Entrepreur.I am concerned about HOW life is and how it could be.Life is a practice, therefore continuous practice and being curious makes it more interesting to be living. I am also a Flowgame Host, Permaculture Gardener, Community Organiser, Bee-Keeper, Mushroom Grower, HIV and AIDS awareness programs.

My current work is with Hodzeko, which I founded 2011after leaving Kufunda Village, a community based organisation in Zimbabwe which is working with local people ‘’to find solutions to local rooted challenges’’. Being in Kufunda Village made realize how rich people are if they put their resources together. Therefore my work with Hodzeko is to continue the work of helping people connect to the best of what is and what they have. In my current setting here in Europe, my work is to help create spaces where people will share stories and connect with each other, because many people are very rich materially, but very poor in Community living. The goal of is Hodzeko therefore to build bridges with individuals to themselves and to others.

I use many approaches to my work but the Tree of Life is at the heart of what do. I also make use of the Art of Hosting as a basis for hosting people.

My journey with the Art of Hosting was motivated by the African practice of ‘’Ubuntu’’ which simply transilated means ‘I am because we are’’, but it goes beyond that. It calls for community living and community communication and community being. The art of hosting is ‘’the way of being’ and becoming. I have been invited to offer the art of hosting in Europe, The United States of America, South Afrika, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

I have also worked with Siemens Afrika, Caritas Austria, Columbus Medical Association and many grassroots and community based communities in Zimbabwe and the Pastoralists in Kenya in 2012.

Gardener: I am Permaculture gardener, trained in 1994 to use Permaculture approaches and principles. Permaculture in simply terms is the basic approach to land use design, which advocates the use of the available resources, recycling resources and puts emphasis on creating no waste. Permaculture instilled in me the sense of community building and living systems that are nature centered. For 9 years from 2002 to 2011 I was part of co-founding a learning Village called Kufunda which is based in Harare Zimbabwe where the purpose is to connect people with what they have, appreciate it and make use of it for living. My job was many fold which included training rural village people both men and women to start nutrition gardens with no money as a pre-requirement

Community organizer: Through my work with Kufunda Village for nine years, I worked as a Community Organiser. My work included organizing and running Community trainings in the areas of Permaculture, Beekeeping, Herbal growing and processing, Oyster Mushroom growing, Tree Nurseries, HIV and AIDS and nutrition and Community Leadership.